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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here for you twelve months a year, not just during tax season. Whether you have a simple tax question, need advice on the tax implications of a business decision, or want clarification on a government notice, feel free to give us a call.

1. Accounting Services, 2. Income tax services for businesses and individual, 3. Tax Consulting and Planning, 4. Entity formation (LLC , LLP, LP, INC), 5. Payroll Services and Human resources, 6. Audit Representation (Income tax, Payroll, Work Comp).

The founder and the senior staff have been in the industry for more that 25 years.

We have an experienced team of Attorney. CPAs, MBAs, Tax Professionals, Payroll Specialists, and a complete highly trained personnel to handle all your business needs.

YES. SmartCPA and their team are here to help you succeed in your business. We offer 100% FREE CONSULTATION to our existing and potential clients.

YES. SmartCPA has expert tax professionals who handle all types of tax audits and do all the talking with the government on your behalf.

SmartCPA provides with a complete compilation financial reports (balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash flow, General ledger, and any other financial reports that may be needed)

SmartCPA provides financial reports monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, or upon clients need and request.

By having SmartCPA handle all of your business accounting, it allows us providing all financial you with all required financial reports, budgeting, and write recommendation letters to any financial institution for clients in search of business loans, financing their homes, and even getting personal loans.

SmartCPA can help on bringing all your unfiled taxes up to date and make every possible attempt to lower your penalties and interests.

SmartCPA reviews your entitys status, in most instances we are able to revive your company, we file all necessary forms to bring your company back to active status, and we make sure you avoid having your business suspended again.

SMARCPA will help you close your inactive company and file all necessary federal and state forms to wind up your entity.

When it comes to types of entities there are a lot of factors that affect making the right decision, at SmartCPA we make sure we guide you through the process of choosing the proper entity for your type of business.

Most of SmartCPAs clients are had been helping many of our is existing clients, who have business all over the united states.

YES. When it come for foreign income it is really complected, at SmartCPA we are able to help you with filing your income tax, if you work abroad we make sure to get you the maximum exemption and tax deduction applicable to you.

At SmartCPA we can take you through the process of changing entity type, and we will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of that, also we will explain to the tax consequences of doing that.

SmartCPA and their team are helping many of our nonprofit clients, and providing them with all compiled financial statements, tax services , and payroll services.

Buying or leasing a car or machine is tricky, because there a lot of factors playing roles on making the right decision, like percentage of use for business vs personal, type of business, type of car or machine, and method of depreciation applies. We at SmartCPA can help you make the right decision and explain the reasoning behind it.

Yes , To better advice you and have clearer idea about you or your business, we need copy of last 3 years of financial statements and tax returns.

California state tax law is one of the most complicated state tax law nationwide, at SmartCPA we make sure to give you the best advice when it come the advantages and disadvantages of registering your business on other states.

Saving our clients taxes is part of what we do, when you own a business in USA, tax is one factor in making business decisions. At SmartCPA we can advise you not only on how to save taxes, but we also help you plan for the future of your business and family, such as save you money, protect your assets, lower the risk of been audited, etc.

NO, any professional such as doctors, dentist, attorneys etc, who needs to incorporate, must be a professional corporate. Professional corporation has certain restrictions on who can be a non licensed professional shareholder. SmartCPA will make sure to set up the right type of corporations for you, and explain to you who can and cant be a shareholder of a professional corporation.

Yes, if you are an attorney, we know how to help you protect your license. SmartCPA and our staff have the experience and ability to set up an accounting system specially designed for Client Trust Account according to California Bar requirements.