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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Fontana

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“Fountain” is what Fontana means in English. It comes as no surprise because the city is quite close to the Santa Ana River.

Fontana was founded in 1913 and had been rural until a businessman, H.J. Kaiser established a steel firm in the area. Fontana is popular for being the site of the Auto Speed Way, and also an old and renovated theater and municipal park.

In 2019, Fontana’s population was an estimated 214,547 inhabitants and this means the city is the 19 th most populated place in California as well as the 2 nd largest city within San Bernardino County.

From Fontana’s early days, the city has been known for agricultural activities like vineyards, citrus orchards, and chicken ranches.

In Fontana, you can get accounting and bookkeeping services for your business without leaving the comfort of your home or city. SmartCPA is always there to answer.

SmartCPA was established with small business owners in mind and ever since then, 30 years ago, the firm has brought satisfaction to several residents of the city.

There are several laws pertaining to business in every state. SmartCPA is up to date with all the laws of California as well as Fontana and works within the law to provide legitimate help to small businesses.

At SmartCPA, you have the chance to be attended to by certified public accountants who have dedicated their careers to see businesses like yours succeed beyond expectations.

Some of the accounting and bookkeeping services provided by SmartCPA include spotting unauthorized bank charges, prevent embezzlement of funds, check against fraudulent checks, spot areas of your business that need more or less funding, payroll services, balance sheet, tax planning and preparation amongst others.

Business accounting is broad and therefore takes an expert to do it perfectly without making errors or omitting important parts of the continuous process. Hence outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services to SmartCPA becomes paramount.

SmartCPA awaits you patiently to take that bold step and reach out today.