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Irvine is one of the most beautifully planned out cities in the L.A metropolis. Since the Irvine Company began its development activities in the area in the late ’60s, the city hasn’t stopped since.

In 1971, the city which sits on a landmass of 66sq-miles was incorporated. As of 2019, the city was estimated to have a population of 287,401.

Most tech companies (like Nikken, Toshiba Corporations, and Sega (amongst others) in the world have their South American head offices in Irvine plus it is home to most popular American universities such as Pepperdine University amongst others.

Asides from harboring more than 20 villages and having some of the best cuisines, Irvine is said to be a place where a tornado strikes at least once every 5 years.

Businesses in Irvine have always and will always need professional accounting services because of the plan of the city and the IRS pays detailed attention to everything that generates revenue for the city.

When outsourcing business accounting and bookkeeping services, it is paramount to let experienced professionals handle the job. That is where SmartCPA steps in.

At SmartCPA, we are a team of certified accountants who handle business accounting and bookkeeping services. With over 25 years under our belt, we handle business accounts confidently and ensure that businesses have clean accounting records and continue running in the black.

With over 200,000 satisfied clients, you can be sure to get 100% quality service and hence reduce your tax liability, causing the realization of more profit.

SmartCPA experts will help you to check your business accounts for any unauthorized debits, access the path and performance of your business, monitor your cash flows, reduce fraudulent checks, and handling of your business general balance sheet.

It happens that no business can do without proper accounting and bookkeeping services and since most CPA firms in Irvine aim for big businesses, SmartCPA has got you covered if you have a small or medium business going in the city.