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Protecting Your Elderly Ones From Scams

There are many scams that elderly people might fall victim to every year. Senior citizens become the target for many scams to rob protect the elderly from all types of scamsthem of their money or identities because they are seen as an easy target to scammers who understand how to gain the trust of elderly. Some of the most common scams that you may see pulled on an elderly person include prescription drug scams involving fake discounts, investment scams promising a comfortable retirement, Internet scams that target those who do not understand the extent of technology, and charity scams that target those who want to give money to charity.
Federal Do Not Call Registry

When scams are running rampant and targeting the elderly, federal agencies and local consumer organizations will contact people and speak to them about what to watch out for. However, something known as the Federal Do Not Call Registry can help tremendously. This registry allows a person to avoid telemarketing calls that could lead to scams. If someone knows that they should not be receiving calls, they can pick and choose what is a fake call and what is real. This is a way for the elderly to understand that it could be a scam and to hang up the phone.

Getting an unpublished number for a loved elderly person is a good way to protect them as well. If an elderly person has one of these numbers, then they may only be called by those who know the number. This will prevent people who scam from getting ahold of their number and using a scheme to try and obtain money. By taking these precautions, you could be helping a loved one. Call us today for information on how to move forward with your case if you have been the victim of a scam and need our help.

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