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Why Does My Small Businesses Need a Certified Public Accountant?

It doesn’t matter the size of your business, you’d be required to pay tax and manage your business finances. That implies that having an advisor or accountant is important. But do you know you do not need just an accountant? For effective functioning and management, you need a Certified Public Accountant.

Anybody who advises you on tax and financial management could regard themselves as an accountant. However, a CPA or Certified Public Accountant is one that has passed through rigorous exams and obtained a license to practice the trade in your state.

By implication, anyone can be regarded as an accountant – all CPAs are called accountants, but not every accountant is a CPA.

So Why Does Your Business Need A Certified Public Accountant And Not Just Any Accountant?

For sure everyone wants to get the best services for their business to continue to run in the black – that includes the best financial and tax advice. It is paramount to seek out reliable CPAs for that purpose.

A small business needs the best nurturing it can get to grow. Your business requires the services of a CPA for the following reasons:

CPAs are licensed

And to maintain that license, a CPA must be abreast with the state’s tax and financial laws. Don’t be surprised to learn that accountants don’t have a license.

After undergoing several rigorous exams to test their tax knowledge and expertise, CPAs continue to study in order to attain higher educational milestones needed to maintain their license. Just the right individual you want to go to for current tax and financial advice.

Detailed financial analysis

An accountant will analyze a financial report but if you want a detailed financial analysis plus tax guidance/advice, a CPA is your surest bet.

IRS audits

If you have no other reason to seek a CPA, an IRS audit is enough to change your mind. CPAs can give you full representation before the IRS, however, your regular accountant cant. While an accountant can help finish up with your tax returns, it is the CPA that analyses and makes important and informed decisions on your behalf before the IRS.

Hiring a CPA may cost more than a regular accountant but you’d sure get value for your money.

Knowledge of tax laws

A few Certified public accountants may not be grounded in small business taxes, but all CPAs are more conversant with tax laws than the average accountant.

To be a CPA, one has to have total knowledge of the tax laws and take yearly exams to be updated with any change.

An accountant who isn’t a CPA is regarded as an ‘unenrolled preparer’ by the IRS.

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